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Unified Approach to IAM

Dell One Identity solutions can help you simply and completely achieve business agility while effectively addressing the entire range of IAM needs. These solutions give you:

  • A clear path to governance – Address governance needs for applications, unstructured data, privileged accounts and administrators. Gain unified, enterprise-wide, and policy-based visibility and control.

  • Business-driven decision-making – Empower the business to address top priorities that move the enterprise forward with user and line-of-business self-service, unified policy, identity and workflows tools.

  • Solution simplicity – Build on your existing investments and unify authentication, authorization and administration. Maximize your enterprise with automation and process orchestration.

  • A modular and integrated approach – Start anywhere you want and build from there with solutions that don’t demand a rigid framework. Easily plug into existing tools and assets.

  • Rapid time-to-value – Deploy affordable solutions in a matter of weeks, not years with streamlined and automated tasks. Cut costs with an affordable solution that also relieves the burden on IT.




Detect, prioritize, address and help prevent security breaches

IBM® Security solutions are built on a framework that spans hardware, software and services. These capabilities comprise a comprehensive & robust set of tools and best practices designed to help address:

  • Intelligence: Through a common and intuitive view that combines   deep analytics with real-time security intelligence.

  • Integration: Through unifying existing tools and infrastructures with new forms of defense in order to reduce complexity and lower the cost of maintaining a strong security posture.

  • Expertise: Through a more proactive and trusted source of truth in order to stay ahead of emerging threats and risks. and more



Enterprise Solutions

Manage, predict and secure business-critical data flows across your enterprise, B2B communities, the cloud and mobile devices

Axway 5 Suite

Learn how this comprehensive suite of solutions can help you achieve more predictive business interactions with total visibility and complete control of your data flows; or explore a pillar of the Suite in more detail, below.

API Management

Integrate cloud and mobile to protect and grow your business in the new API economy

B2B & EDI Integration

Improve efficiency and business performance by updating your B2B and EDI infrastructure

Cloud Integration & Axway Managed Services

Rapidly connect to your B2B partner community with a low up-front investment

MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance

Secure and manage file transfers to ensure regulatory compliance and meet your Service Level Agreements

Secure Email & Secure File Sharing

Deploy complete email protection that leaves no gaps in your inbound defenses or outbound security


Authentication, Encryption and Software Monetization

The largest and most respected brands around the world have trusted SafeNet to protect their data, identities, and intellectual property for more than 30 years.

Today, SafeNet secures the authenticity of your banking transactions, safeguards your health records, protects the purchase of your morning cup of coffee, and helps organizations to control risk, manage security, and maintain compliance.

SafeNet is the world’s leading provider of Data Protection and Software Monetization solutions.

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